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245 Watt Solar Panel by Astro Energy only $270 that is just over $1/watt.
Amps = 8.2
Volts = 29.92
Watts = 245
Weight = 44
Dimensions = 65.04 x 39.13 x 1.77
Operating Tempurature Parameters based on Cell Temp. = -40°C to 85°C
Model = CHSM 6610P module 245-watt Module
Cells = 60 per module

This high quality polycrystalline solar panel will work great on an off-grid or grid tied home or cabin. It is guaranteed to produce 90% of its rated power for the first 10 years and greater than 80% for the remaining 15 years and comes with a 5 year overall warranty. It is UL listed and cUL listed for Canadians. (Info./Specifications Data, Installation Manual, Extra Insurance Information)

For a smaller solar panel consider the Sunwize modules, we used just two older 80 watt modules(see pictures below) to power an off-grid water pump to that we used to irrigate our farm.

The 40 watt panel SW-S40P is only $199
The 55 watt panel SW-S55P is only $235
The 65 watt panel SW-S65P is only $250
The 85 watt panel SW-S85P is only $340
(Here is the info/data on the different Panels
40 watt, 55 watt, 65 watt, and 85 watt)

(Below is pictured a temporary test irrigation system we used on our farm.)

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