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We sell the products that we use on our Farm. Below are some pictures of the Drip Tape we use, it is of the highest quality and has been performing year after year even in our harsh north eastern Washington climate.

We use 15 mil. Toro AquaTrax drip tape and even leave it out in the field during the winter. The only damage that the tape has sustained is from rodents. But we have found and quick an inexpensive way the few holes that the pests may cause. Watch a Video Here Price List
(Each kit comes with Drip Irrigation Tape, Connectors, Filters and more for the rated garden size, listed in feet. Pro-Models includes some upgraded parts as indicated.)
20 x 20 Basic $59.95
20 x 20 PRO
(Valved Spigots and Stainless Steel Filter)
30 x 30 Basic $79.95
30 x 30 PRO
(Valved Spigots and Stainless Steel Filter)
40 x 40 Basic $109.95
40 x 40 PRO
(Valved Spigots and Stainless Steel Filter)
OnGrid Pressure Kit with Package $12.95
(Pressure Regulator & Vacuume Breaker)
OffGrid Water Timer with Package $12.95
Blue Repair Coupler  $0.95
Blue Connection Spigot $0.75
Red Valved Connection Spigot $1.95
Nylon Replacement Filter $2.95
Stainless Steel Replacement Filter $4.95

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